A Wrinkle in Time Movie Night!

Hey everyone! The wonderful people from A Wrinkle in Time on behalf of Walt Disney Studios sent me some free goodies so that I could have the perfect movie night at home... and share my thoughts with all of you.

Included in their amazing promotion box was a digital code for the new to digital/DVD/Blu-Ray (on-sale now!) film A WRINKLE IN TIME (duh! that's kinda key for a movie night). As well as the movie tie-in edition of the book, a wicked cool mug featuring The Mrs Ws, a cloth covered notebook, an embroidered logo plush blanket, and book light!

So I was as snug as a bug in a rug when I settled down to watch the film. I even invited my mom to watch with me, 'cause movie nights are more fun when you get to share them with someone... even if you're 33 and you're go-to is still your momma... hi MOM!

*Just another note to remind you that I received a free copy of this film from A Wrinkle in Time on behalf of Walt Disney Studios in exchange for a blog post and my honest opinions... full disclosure.


"It was a dark and stormy night..."

It has been a hot minute since I read A Wrinkle in Time. And by hot minute I mean a really long time (ha!). But I remember it being one of my favorites when I was young. My point is that I don't remember all of the details clearly, just the broad strokes...so this won't be a huge comparative review. Instead, it will mostly be my impressions of the film as it pertains to a new generation and an updated time frame. How it stands on it's own.

"In Disney's A Wrinkle In Time, three mystical guides lead Meg on an epic journey, tessering through time and space to find her father, following his mysterious disappearance."

The film was so much more emotional than I thought it would be! One of the things I noticed right off was the heavy overtone of social commentary that played throughout the film. It was the grounding force through all the vibrant color and science fiction. The message was beautiful and absolutely on-point. If there is one thing you take away from this movie, it's the message of kindness and love and hope.

"I was pleasantly surprised!" - My mother.

There was a moment when we sat down to watch the film that we wondered if it would be too geared towards the kiddos for us to enjoy. I am happy to say that that wasn't the case. I was wonderfully entertained and engaged in the film. I think there is something for everyone and it's a great movie to watch as a family.

The vibrancy of the colors was so amazing. I mean, really amazing. I felt like a little kid getting sucked into the wonder of the bright pictures and elaborate costumes. And the hair and wigs. DUDE. I was spellbound by the wigs that they had for the Mrs Ws. I need to figure out how to create even a small portion of the braiding or sculptural gorgeousness in my own hair just for fun.

All of the actors did an amazing job. Storm Reid and Chris Pine were the emotional centers of the film. Oprah was the guiding force. Reese Witherspoon, Mindy Kaling, and Zach Galifianakis provided the quirky or comedic reliefs. All around it was a great mix.

The Darkness/IT was creepy at times, not gonna lie. I'm okay with creepy, so I can tell you that the filmmakers achieved exactly what they were going for. Once you get towards the last third of the movie, the tension and manifestation of the evil and how it speaks out is perfectly chilly. I'm trying to avoid spoilers, just in case.

There was only one thing that I missed from the book that they didn't include in the film... the centaurs. No centaurs. Sigh. But maybe that's because I really enjoy that particular magical creature. The film's creators included a slew of other amazing visuals and creative characters though, so unless you're me, you probably wouldn't miss a thing. Basically, I tried to rid my mind of any severe expectations for this updated version of the story and just let myself enjoy it.

As always, some things are cut down or compacted in order to keep the visual narrative clean and within a decent time frame. I think the choices that were made were smart and ultimately kept better for the film.

As for the ending, well, there are more books in the series, so it's not hard to understand that you're left wanting more. To see where the family goes from there. But that's a good thing. Either way, it may not be happily ever after, but it's definitely a happy-right-now type of ending.

So I want to say thank you once again to Disney for giving me an awesome movie night. I got to feel like a kid again, watching a movie with my mom. It was a great experience!


Movie poster and other logos used within my photos are used with the permission of Walt Disney Studios and are ©2018 Disney.

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