REVIEW: The Atlantis World by A.G. Riddle


Northern Morocco: Dr. Kate Warner cured a global pandemic, and she thought she could cure herself. She was wrong. And she was wrong about the scope of the Atlantis conspiracy. Humanity faces a new threat, an enemy beyond imagination. With her own time running out and the utter collapse of human civilization looming, a new hope arrives: a signal from a potential ally. Arecibo Observatory: Mary Caldwell has spent her life waiting, watching the stars, looking for signs of intelligent life beyond our world. When that day comes, Mary finds herself in the middle of a struggle older than the human race, with far greater stakes. She must decide who to trust, because there's nowhere to hide. Antarctica: In the wake of the Atlantis Plague, Dorian Sloane finds himself a puppet to Ares' mysterious agenda. As Dorian prepares to take control of the situation, Ares unleashes a cataclysm that changes everything. As the catastrophe circles the globe, Ares reveals the true nature of the threat to humanity, and Dorian agrees to one last mission: find and kill David Vale and Kate Warner. There will be no prisoners this time. The orders are seek and destroy, and Dorian has been promised that his own answers and salvation lie on the other side. With Dorian in pursuit, Kate, David, and their team race through the ruins of the Atlantean ship left on Earth, across Atlantean science stations throughout the galaxy, and into the past of a mysterious culture whose secrets could save humanity in its darkest hour. With their own lives on the line and time slipping away, Kate, David and Dorian are put to the ultimate test.

GENRE: Thriller / Science Fiction

SERIES: The Origin Mystery #3

FORMAT: Audiobook

RATING: 4.5 Stars mind-blown stars!!!

REVIEW: My brain explodes...okay not literally, because that would be absurd, but it's a pretty accurate visual representation. The Atlantis World, the final book in The Origin Mystery, had so many threads to work together, explore, and explain that I was worried that it would be a convoluted and messy ending, but I need not have feared. The author had it planned out perfectly.

Once again, bravo to Stephen Bel Davies, the narrator, for convincing me that I do in fact like audiobooks. I read/listened to this trilogy through my Kindle Unlimited account, which gave me both versions, book and audio, through my monthly subscription. I highly recommend signing up if you want to try these books, because it will be way cheaper this way!

On to the finale!

If you've come this far in the trilogy, then you're probably hooked. The synopsis is pretty clear on the events that are to come about so I won't rehash. I will say though, that it is exciting and action-packed; a true thriller. This then morphs into an alien history lesson and we finally get all the answers for which we and the characters have been searching. Intermixing the past and present, the author weaves a truly remarkable story.

The final installment extends even further into the Sci-fi genre and presents us with alien technologies, new worlds, and a bigger enemy than we could have imagined. It's an Intergalactic-Mexican-Standoff!

We have come to the end, and I'm a bit sad to leave this story, but the author does a very nice wrap-up. I highly recommend the entire trilogy!

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