How I Rate Books:

The general ratings systems for books are so subjective that I find it hard to put into words exactly how I go about rating books, but I will try to break it down. In general though, if I like a book, you will know it. If I love a book, you will know it. And if I dislike a book, you will know it, regardless of whatever rating system is being used.


Star Ratings! Most websites use a 1-5 star rating system, 1 being bad and 5 being amazing. To avoid any confusion across these websites, such as Goodreads and Amazon, I will use the 5 star system.


Genres! I love many genres and refuse to pigeonhole myself or my reading habits. When I rate a book, I rate it in comparison to or strictly among it's own genre. Which means, that a historical romance could be given a 5 star rating and in my next blog a political thriller could also be given a 5 star rating but the two could in no way be compared. They shall be judged amongst their peers.


Tell no lies! I try to be fair and in the end I give my honest opinion, be that good, bad, or usually somewhere in between.

Promotional Posts & ARC's:

Any promotional posts or ARC reviews will be noted in their individual posts. I will still give my honest opinion in all reviews.


I accept physical copies, ARC or finished books, for review and only select e-books.

  • NO self-published books, indie press books, or interactive media books at this time. I will not reply to these email requests.

  • If the book is a sequel or a continuation of a series, I may require the previous books to complete a review.

  • I am currently accepting Adult and Young Adult books in the following categories:

    • Fiction

    • Science Fiction

    • Thriller

    • Romance

    • Contemporaries

    • Women's Lit

    • Mystery

    • Historical Fiction

    • Fantasy

    • Magical Realism

    • Very select Non-Fiction

  • I am NOT accepting the following genres:

    • Self-Help

    • Poetry

    • Plays

    • Horror

    • True Crime

    • Sports

    • Philosophy

  • Select Children's and Middle Grade books may be accepted for pictures on my Instagram but NOT for official review.

  • Reviews are also posted to my Goodreads account and added to Amazon upon request.

You can view my current To-Be-Read list HERE to get a better idea of which books I'm currently interested in.

For inquiries, question, or submissions, please email me at .


All book synopses and book covers are from Goodreads unless otherwise stated. Any and all quotes are credited to the author and book being cited and reviewed.