Meet Our Guest Reviewers

Paige G.

When she's not reading and reviewing books, Paige works a part time job at a courthouse. She currently resides in Georgia with her husband of six months, their cat, Artemis, and dog, Daisy Mae. Paige also enjoys hiking, painting, and sleeping.

Her favorite books and authors fluctuate frequently but her favorite genre to read is YA Dystopian. A book she often recommends is ORLEANS by Sherri L. Smith because there's "no romantic love triangles, no main character having self doubt, just a girl on a mission to save a newborn in post apocalyptic New Orleans".

You can find more from Paige on her Instagram, @popthebutterfly, and on her blog,

Frankie Brazelton

An avid podcast listener, consciousness browser, tattoo canvas, wife, and mother. Frankie's never met a potato she didn't like but devours books more frequently and in greater portions. She adores music, and believes it is essential for her well being and tends to prefer acoustic instruments.

As evidenced by the portrait of Anne Rice tattooed on her forearm, it's safe to say that Frankie is a huge fan of her work, particularly the Vampire Chronicles (long live Lestat!). She also thinks Neil Gaiman is a literary god.


"Usually I like my reads to be dark and beautiful, but I will tell the whole world that they simply must read A Gentleman in Moscow because it's the most gorgeous book ever written." (The Literary Llama agrees wholeheartedly with that statement!)

You can find more from Frankie on her Instagram, @mudville_bibliophage, and on her blog,

Casey Beck

A recruiter in Manhattan, Casey resides in Washington Heights with his boyfriend. When he's not reading, Casey likes to befriend strangers' pets and find new ways to stay active ("so very glad winter has pased in NYC"). He's currently making Summer plans for trips to beaches, zoos, outdoor movies, and lazy park days.

Casey's favorite book series is Harry Potter! His favorite stand-alone, A Little Life by Hanya Yanagihara, has yet to be dethroned as his most impactful and touching read ever, but lately he's found himself recommending The Hate U Give "because of the sheer importance around our cultural and political climate".

In honor and observance of Mental Health Awareness Month Casey has also read and recommends Sylvia Plath's The Bell Jar.

You can find more from Casey on his Instagram @casebounder, and you can friend him on Goodreads.

Cindy M.

A librarian and full time University student, Cindy is currently working towards a degree in hopes of becoming a teacher. She currently resides in sunny (erratic weather) California. She enjoys hiking, creative writing, and discovering new foods!

Cindy's favorite book is Pride and Prejudice but there are a number of Dystopian books that make the runner-up list. "I’m often finding hidden gems in book stores and libraries. I recently read the book Making Bombs for Hitler by Marsha Skrypuch. The students were in awe of the main characters perseverance and their stand against those in power. It’s a quick read that definitely left an impact on me".

You can find more from Cindy on her new bookstagram @_bookishtendencies and her personal Instagram @cindyrella.m.